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 I am a mindset facilitator well being practitioner, a certified Lifecoach, Professional Hypnotherapist, Energy practitioner & Reiki master.

I help people to quickly shift their busy minds to a calm space where creativity and life can begin to flow again.


If you have feelings of overwhelm, to much to do, can not sleep, over think, do not seem to have enough time. Every thing seems to be an uphill struggle.

I have been in this situation myself and know the feeling except I gave my self burnout leaving myself debilitated and then I spent 2 years of my life getting better from chronic fatigue.


During this time, I learned all the tricks, tools and strategies that got me to an even better more exciting place(mind, body & soul).


This is what I will share with you. I use my intuitive coaching skills to quickly pin point what needs working on the most, together we work through this and make some important shifts, to get you to where you want to be. My goal is to get you back in the flow of life, where everything is at a much calmer pace.


You will find yourself in a calmer more relaxed state and be in the flow of life.


You will; restore your energy, creativity, have clarity of thought. You are capable of so much more than you can even imagine. I believe in you and your capabilities; and I will set up the conditions for you to develop and amplify that same belief in yourself. I know that everyone has the potential to create the life they truly deserve.

I teach The Balance Procedure to Businesses, schools, therapists and individuals.


My Passion is MINDSET....


I believe we can change and create what ever we want in life. When you know what your passions are and what you want, The next step is to break down the barriers, blocks and limiting beliefs. In the workshops I teach you show your students/individuals how to move forward become more confident, pro active and get things done. Authentically and with purpose. When you are in the flow of life you will have a clear veiw of whats ahead and easily achieve the goals you want to.


The balance procedure brings clarity and creativity to your life. You can use this in all aspects of your life


Work, career, health, relationships, mind, body and soul.

Any queries or questions, please call me for an informal chat.

Please call me on 07500 887725 or use the contact form.

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