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Hello my name is Toni Ann and I have lived in Norfolk for just over ten years, I live with my family near Holt. 

I have had a varied career from sales to support work with the most enjoyable aspect of every role being working with people.

My career took a new direction a few years ago after a period of ill health. When the classic treatments offered proved ineffective, I researched and discovered my own route to wellness. On my journey I have studied and qualified in many holistic modalities including hypnotherapy, counselling, Reiki and The Balance Procedure. 

I  love what I do. To help others overcome life’s challenges and improve their well being is very rewarding. I feel blessed that I am able to use my own life experiences and journey back to wellness to help others do the same.


I specialise in Stress, anxiety and confidence building.

Our busy lives we can sometimes find ourselves over worked, overthinking, unable to find time to rest and relax, often we can feel guilty when we stop for a moment. Doing this for too long can mean ailments begin to surface and can develope into burnout or serious illnesses.

I can help you find ways to relax guilt free and ways to implement selfcare on a daily basis. 





I am very passionate about how our brain works and how we can make amazing changes, using our inner power of our thoughts.

I'm always reading and researching how our thoughts create our reality. I have learned a few modalities and gained certification to offer many holistic services.


I have been meditating for over 10 years now and read many self help books. I’ve developed/learned a lot about myself and had many ups and downs, which brings to where I am today. I feel grateful for all the experiences I have had some challenges in life.


4 years ago I was very busy mother, entrepreneur, working part time with young adults with learning disabilities, running 5km every weekend, conscious about my health and also studying for a degree. 

I thought at this time I need to prove myself, be everything and anything, successful, I did not know how to stop, always busy doing something, even at bed time I would not switch off. I was a great over thinker and a bit of a workaholic. I did not feel there was any thing wrong I always felt fine. 

One day I got this strange headache after an online conference, I though it was because I had skipped a meal. The headache did not go and I developed nausea to go with it. After a few days of out of hour’s services and calls to the doctor and no improvement I ended up in hospital, I was put in a room and tested for meningitis. I had all the symptoms of this virus. There was nothing they could do but give me painkillers and send me home. My whole head neck and shoulders was so uncomfortable it was hard to sit up and laying down seamed a bit better, the pain was so intense.  Nothing I was prescribed touched it.

After I was sent home from the Hospital feeling worse than when I went in I then spent the next 3 weeks in a dark room in bed hoping this pain would go but it never did. After about 1 month I started to have a few hours of each day where there was no pain. Each day I began to improve but I found that I then had chronic fatigue; this is a deep sense of tiredness that is impossible to know unless you have experienced it first hand. I found that I had to strategically plan my days, if there was a special event I would plan a days rest either side.

I decided to go the Holistic natural route to wellness, learning reiki and becoming a reiki master, going to regular reflexology sessions. Meditation every day, green/clean eating: I literally went off meat. I began to listen to my body and rested when it needed. Using my positive mindset every day being grateful for and extra 5 minutes of energy. Bedtime was at 6pm most nights and not waking until past 9am. I couldn’t even walk the dog to the end of our street some days.

I have worked though frustration, anger, victim consciousness, and forgiveness. I felt my self making good improvements but only to a certain level, I felt my energy needed balancing before I knew I was then introduced to The Balance procedure. This was a massive turning point to my wellness journey. I balanced all my energies, I was very sceptical  of how this technique could help me but I tried it anyway. When I put the cards to my chest to check my balance I felt myself move, first I thought it was weird then I knew I had to continue. I was on a wellness course and the teacher talked us through balancing. I did this and the very next day I woke up and felt like I had all my energy back. I was pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, then every day after I was still ok, Bedtime moved to 9:30pm WOW I was amazed! Then I balanced every day and went on another self development journey. I decided to become a practitioner and then went on to be a trainer. I love this procedure and still use it even to this every day, balancing my health, my energy, my thoughts, emotions and anything I want and need. I am creating the life I want and I feel fantastic. You can have this too. If I can you can…


You will; restore your energy, creativity, have clarity of thought. You are capable of so much more than you can even imagine. I believe in you and your capabilities; and I will set up the conditions for you to develop and amplify that same belief in yourself. I know that everyone has the potential to create the life they truly deserve.


I teach The Balance Procedure to Businesses, schools, therapists and individuals.


My Passion is MINDSET....


I believe we can change and create what ever we want in life. When you know what your passions are and what you want, The next step is to break down the barriers, blocks and limiting beliefs. In the workshops I teach you show your students/individuals how to move forward become more confident, pro active and get things done. Authentically and with purpose. When you are in the flow of life you will have a clear veiw of whats ahead and easily achieve the goals you want to.


The balance procedure brings clarity and creativity to your life. You can use this in all aspects of your life


Work, career, health, relationships, mind, body and soul.


My holistic qualifications and training:


The balance procedure Trainer level Fully accredited.Certified 

Reiki master

Professsional Hynotherapy and counselling skills, Certified level 3 diploma.

Coaching certification

Special Chair yoga certified

Childrens Yoga training

CBT training

Art therapy training

Tapping EFT



I belong to the Hypnotherapy society 

I hold a DBS certifcate

I am happy to work with young people too.

I can also work with people that have learning disabilities.






Any queries or questions, please call me for an informal chat.

Please call me on 07500 887725 or use the contact form.

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