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Services offered

Initial 20 minute consultation call. Free


In this call I can find out where you are now and where you want to be. Going forward with the best tool possible for you at this present moment. Using my intuition I will know what best to offer you just by listening to where you are right now.


Hypnotherapy initial consultation

& relaxation session 30 mins. £25


In this introductory offer you will discover the benefits of the relaxation process part of Hypnotherapy much like a guided meditation. In this call we can strategize a plan for you and discover how many sessions you may need. Answer any questions you may have.


Hypnotherapy sessions;

Pay as you go option £60 per session.


Each session is approximately 50 minutes long. On average you will need 6 sessions held weekly to see a good progress and get to your final goal. This can vary from person to person it may take less or more.

You may want hypnotherapy to address issues of:





Weight loss


Public speaking

Nail biting

Panic attacks

To gain a more positve outlook on life.

Achieve success in your goals

Remove unwanted thoughts and blockages

Money issues

Fears and phobias 


Group hypnotherapy sessions for minmum 6 people 

£25 p/p 


The Balance Procedure


Book & Cards set  £15

Practioner one to one  1 hour session £99 

Level 1  Group workshop 1 day £150

Level 2 Group workshop 1 day (become a practitioner) £250

Online workshops available price the same.


One to one VIP day TBP & transformation day £500





Coaching stratagy call 30 mins £25

Coaching 6 weeks £500

Coaching group sessions £15 p/p minmum of 6 people.




Reiki 1 learn how to heal yourself £200

Reiki 2 the symbols and working with others £250

Master level £500


Meditation workshop one to one £25


Group Meditations (guided) £10 p/p minimum 6 people.


Transformational retreat weekend £999


Includes Friday - Monday accomodation. Two days of workshops 1 on the Saturday and 1 on Sunday. 


Locations include:


North Norfolk Coast UK






Greek islands






Accomadation is included, travel is not but arrangments can be made from the airport if needed.




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