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Training Programmes & Workshops

Accredited courses with CPD points & Certificates*

The Balance procedure

When the student is ready the teacher appears. This 1 day workshop acredited course will empower you to make a huge shift  in your life. You will learn how to use this tool to empower & balance your life. Creating the life you desire. Removing any unwanted blocks that are holding you back.

Weekend Transform-ation retreats.

Transform yourself and suberge into a whole weekend of learning, relaxing and self care.  Where you are now? where you want to be?Transform old habits for new ones.Become your best version and own your inner power. You will leave refreshed and ready for life, uplifted and empowered to create the life you want.

The power of Vision Boards

Never under estimate the power of vision. In this workshop you will learn how to put your vision board together. How to make it work for you. Find your reason why. So you can focus on what you want to create. You design your life. This fun and very powerful.

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